WorshipGod Conference


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Acoustic Guitar Master Class • Patrick Anderson

In this pre-conference session we’ll intentionally explore more advanced ideas than we’ll have time for in the main guitar sessions. We’ll look at an approach to really knowing the guitar neck, learning scales, chords, etc. that goes beyond boxes, CAGED or 3 note per string methods. We’ll talk about developing fingerstyle playing, exploring open tunings and capo tricks that mimic open tunings. An element of flexibility is expected, allowing for questions and the interest of those attending. This will be applicable to electric and acoustic players and will assume a decent grasp on basic theory and chord voicings, though all are welcome.

Bass Master Class • Ryan Foglesong

In this pre-conference intensive, Ryan will demonstrate the capability of the bass including melodic fills, chords, and various articulations. He will cover how an understanding of the neck in relation to modes, scales, and chord-leading lends to an overall resonant sound from the band. This clinic will serve both novice and advanced players alike as Ryan teaches on how to lock in with the drummer, how to maintain a consistent groove, and how to improvise successfully.

Drum Master Class • David Zimmer

In this three hour pre-conference intensive, David will be helping drummers and percussionists at the basic to advanced levels. He will talk about technique, independence, syncopation, basic, intermediate to advanced grooves plus multiple filling options. David will teach drummers the advantages of reading and writing drum music. He will also talk through the importance of listening and enhancing the music. This extended lesson will not only be helpful to novice drummers who are looking to improve their skills but also advanced drummers seeking new and creative ideas to strengthen the overall groove of the team.

Growing As a Leader: Theology, Heart, Skill, Relationships • Bob Kauflin

Every leader is prone to become comfortable with what has proven successful or fruitful in the past. But times, people, circumstances, and our own lives change. How do you cultivate a desire to continually grow in the areas of theology, character, skills, and relationships? Drawing from 40 years as a leader in corporate worship, Bob will share helps and hindrances in our journey towards Christlikeness and fruitful ministry for God’s glory.

Songwriting Master Class • Steve & Vikki Cook

The Songwriting Intensive class is available to anyone, but is especially designed for songwriters who have had some experience writing songs. Topics will include melodic patterns, advanced lyric writing techniques and more. We will also evaluate 12 songs of the Songwriting Intensive attendees. If you would like for one of your songs to be reviewed please register for the class and send an MP3 and a copy of the lyrics to brittany.kauflin@sovereigngrace.com by July 2.

Sound/Tech Intensive: Microphones, Mixers, and Loudspeakers • Doug Gould

If you’re new to the whole area of running sound, participate on a tech team and want to know more about how the system really works, or are an experience techie wanting to brush up on the basics, this pre-conference intensive is for you. Doug will cover all the components of the sound systems, what part each of them plays, and how they work together in order to produce excellent sound reinforcement. He’ll also talk about what role the room plays in delivering intelligible, quality sound.

The Worshiping Vocalist • Sheri Gould

We’ll discuss basic vocal technique and care for the voice; learn how to strengthen your voice, increase your range, improve your tone and relieve tension in your voice; talk about how to take your team vocals to the next level by getting the best balance & blend for your group; get tips for how to work effectively and productively with your team–all this and more are covered in this interactive class that’s fun yet very informative.



7 Values of Congregational Worship • Matt Mason

As pastors and worship team members, we have many decisions to make each week in preparation for congregational worship. In this seminar, we’ll consider some of the primary values that inform what we do when we gather: the primary themes that occupy our attention, the liturgical elements, and the heart attitudes we want to display. These seven values, though not exhaustive, have served as a core curriculum for worship team ministry at The Church at Brook Hills.

Dying to Make God Famous • Jimmy Needham

In our culture, numbers are king. It’s increasingly difficult not to see growth as our surest sign of God’s favor. As Christians, the questions can be even more frustrating because our motives are often for noble causes like advancing God’s kingdom and making him famous in the world. How could God say no to that kind of ambition? In this seminar, you’ll be helped to appreciate why God often denies our ambitions for our good and his glory. You’ll also be given practical steps that will enable you to enjoy the process.

One New Man: How Congregational Worship Shapes Our Identity • Devon Kauflin

Over the next thirty years, it’s projected that America will no longer have an ethnic majority. Many of us already have the opportunity to gather, not just with “our kind of people,” but with those from a broad range of cultural backgrounds. What part can congregational worship play in churches that are no longer homogeneous? The answer lies in embracing our new identity in Christ. This seminar will explore the implications of that reality and show how God can use congregational worship to shape us into the people he saved us to be.

Praying the Bible • Don Whitney

Too many Christians suffer from an inadequate, boring, or non-existent prayer life. In this potentially life-changing seminar, Don Whitney will share how to turn the words of the Scriptures into the wings of your prayers.

Sunday Mornings – More Than Music • Brian Davis

Musicians can think that music is the only way they can serve on Sundays. Actually, countless opportunities exist for us to disciple and edify each other every time we gather. This breakout will open your eyes to those opportunities and give you faith to pursue them.

When Waiting Is Trusting • Don Whitney

What do you do when you believe you are praying in the will of God, following godly counsel, and obeying the Lord the best you know how, but still your prayer isn’t answered? Is it because you don’t have faith, or enough faith? In this session you’ll see from Scripture that the proof of faith isn’t always seen in the answers you expect from prayer or in the evident blessing of God. God has something better for us – himself.



Arranging to Serve Your Congregation • Bob Kauflin and Devon Kauflin

Leaders and musicians spend multiple hours, even days preparing for a Sunday morning or an event that is meant to lead people in worshiping God in song. But when the time comes, it often ends up being more a crowd watching a performance than a congregation participating in worship. How do we prepare for a worship service in a way that leads to people being engaged with God, encountering the glory of Christ, and experiencing the presence of his Spirit? This seminar will seek to answer those questions in a way that is both biblical and practical.

A Leader’s Heart – Panel • Michael Bleecker, Matt Boswell, Devon Kauflin, Jimmy Needham, Tim Payne

Proverbs 4:23 encourages us to, ““Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” In this panel five leaders will discuss temptations common to leaders and how they have found true and lasting hope in the gospel and God’s Word.

A Leader’s Family – Panel • Michael Bleecker, Matt Boswell, Bob Kauflin, Devon Kauflin

Leaders can easily blur the line between appropriate sacrificial serving and sacrificing your family on the altar of ministry. Listen in on the conversation as four leaders talk about steps they’ve taken to keep their family a priority in the midst of serving the church. 

Learning to Encourage: Seeing Grace in Surprising Places • Jon Payne

Encouragement is desperately needed in the body of Christ, in the family, and in the worship ministry! This seminar helps us seek grace until we see grace, even in difficult situations, relational challenges, and the long partnership of ministry to the church.

God-Encounters: The Role of Experience in Congregational Worship • Bob Kauflin

What does it mean to pursue a “worship experience?” How do we balance the tension between being biblically faithful and expecting God to meet with us in power? This seminar will address these and other questions and provide a biblical framework for how we’re to think about experiences with God as the church gathers on Sundays.



Acoustic Guitar: Tips for Your Best Playing • Patrick Anderson

While the best way to improve your skills are through hours of deliberate practice, sometimes the most effective changes you can make in your playing are simple ones. In this breakout, you’ll learn a variety of practices, patterns, and tools that will help you take your playing to the next level.

Electric Guitar: Your Gear • Josh Scott

In this breakout Josh Scott, creator/owner of JHS pedals, will discuss the many ways pedals can serve you. He’ll also look at the advantages of different amps and how to make wise decisions in the use of your gear.

Electric Guitar Q&A • Josh Scott and Patrick Anderson

In this breakout, Josh Scott will be joined by Patrick Anderson, to answer any and all questions related to playing the electric guitar in a church setting. Questions will be submitted in advance and sorted through to maximize the relevance and impact of the seminar.

Leading from the Keyboard • Bob Kauflin

A group class designed to help piano players sharpen their skill when they lead from behind a piano. The contents will be taken from Bob’s book, Worship Piano, published by Hal Leonard in 2017.

Putting it Together: Drums and Bass • David Zimmer and Ryan Foglesong

The foundation of your band is the rhythm section composed of the drummer and bassist. Musical chemistry between these members is worth attention and development. You’ll learn in this seminar how to apply practical tools for each instrument and explore how they can serve the song by filling in spaces and working with the rest of the band. We will also look at how the drum and bass can build momentum, create drama, and provide space in a song from beginning to end.

Your Heart and Your Part • Josh Scott

A.W. Tozer said, “The essence or art is self expression but the essence of Christianity is self denial. Balancing the two is very hard.” Inspired by this quote, Josh Scott will lay a foundation for the role of musicians in the church and detail what attitudes are crucial. He’ll also outline a biblical approach to day to day service as an artist.



The 3 Part Magic Bullet for Your Voice • Sheri Gould

Discover how to employ three of the most powerful vocal tools you’ll ever use to get the most out of your voice. With these techniques you can get the power, tone and range you’ve always wanted.

5 Steps to Tight Vocals • Sheri Gould

5 tips designed to help your team get the tight vocals you’ve always wanted. These tips are simple and so easy to use that you can start with some of them this Sunday!



Keys to a Great Melody • Steve & Vikki Cook

Great melodies often come in a moment of inspiration, but what makes them great? And how can you incorporate those characteristics into your own melodies? Steve and Vikki Cook will be answering those questions, plus looking at the impact that harmony, groove, tempo and hooks have on your melody.

Show! Don’t Tell: The Power of Sensory Language in Songwriting • Steve & Vikki Cook

What do Psalm 23 and great songs have in common? Sensory language! In this workshop we’ll explore the value of sensory language in Christian Worship Songs and give practical ways to generate fresh lyric ideas for your songs.

Songwriting Panel • Michael Bleecker, Matt Boswell, Caroline Cobb, Steve & Vikki Cook, Adam Wright

In this breakout you’ll hear various seasoned writers discuss methods, practices, and attitudes they’ve developed over the years that have helped them write both congregational and performance songs.



20 Steps to Better Sound • Doug Gould

You don’t necessarily have to spend money you don’t have to improve your sound. Sometimes the small things can make a big difference. In this seminar we’ll walk through some very simple changes you can make that will have a positive impact on your mix.

Lowering Stage Volume • Doug Gould

How do you fix the problem of too much volume? Wear ear plugs? Fire the drummer? Put sheet music in front of the guitar player? There are better ways. In this seminar, Doug will explore options that don’t require any additional equipment, as well as suggest various ways technology can serve you. We’ll look at amp simulators, personal monitors and mixers, “buttkickers,” drum shields, electronic instruments, and mute boxes. We’ll explore these one at a time and explain the benefit that each of these technologies offers.

Microphone Applications • Doug Gould

This is where it all begins in live sound reinforcement. Limit your potential problems and maximize better audio for your church by gaining valuable insight to how choose the right mic and put it in the right place. Topics will include increasing the level of desired sound and reducing the effects of undesired sounds, reducing feedback, why less is more, tips and techniques for vocalists, drums, guitar cabinets, choirs and acoustic instruments and more. Also included at additional charge is “Ten Things You Need to Know about Wireless.” No need to bring your slide rules or calculators. Doug is math-challenged.

Monitor Applications and Q&A • Doug Gould

In this seminar, Doug Gould will discuss different monitor set-ups, how to determine what you need, and how to grow from where you are. Q&A will take place at the end of the seminar.

The Undervalued Art of Lyric Projection • Brittany Kauflin

Many churches moved from hymnals to projecting lyrics without understanding the significant impact that had on the way people sing. Poorly executed lyric projection can affect everyone in the room for better or worse. In this seminar, Brittany will share principles and practices she and others have developed that help ensure technology is serving rather than overshadowing congregational worship.



Trusting God in Every Season • Julie Kauflin

A woman’s world is constantly changing. How do we maintain steadfast trust in God through so many different seasons of relationships and responsibilities? In this seminar, Julie Kauflin will share from her own experiences how God has helped her remain secure in Him as a vocalist, sound engineer, wife of a worship leader, mother, and grandmother.