Each WorshipGod Conference features main sessions that address a specific theme and seminars that speak to issues of theology, the heart, leadership and music skills. The seminars are tailored towards pastors, worship leaders, instrumentalists, vocalists, songwriters, tech teams, women, children, and general audiences. Since we can't offer all the seminars at every conference, we've compiled a list below of all the main sessions from past conferences and many of the seminars. Click on a title to listen or view the session.

WorshipGod Conference Messages

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Main Sessions

God's Unchanging Character | Jeff Purswell (LISTEN NOW)

God's Unchanging Independence | Mark Jones (LISTEN NOW)

God's Unchanging Trustworthiness | Mike Bullmore (LISTEN NOW)

God's Unchanging Eternality | Josh Blount (LISTEN NOW)

Getting to Know CityAlight (LISTEN NOW)

God's Unchanging Blessedness | Mark Jones (LISTEN NOW)

God's Unchanging Love | Jared Mellinger (LISTEN NOW)

Song List

Music is great. Jesus is greater.

Main Sessions

Jesus: God's Just and Merciful Servant | Jared Mellinger (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Jesus: True God of True God | Matt Mason (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Arranging & Sound Workshop (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Jesus: Our Saving Substitute | Mike Bullmore (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Jesus: Our Risen King | H.B. Charles, Jr. (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Jesus: Our Compassionate Brother | Joselo Mercado (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Jesus: Our Intercessor | Mike Reeves (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Jesus: Our Returning Bridegroom | Rick Gamache (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Extraordinary: The Weekly Worship of the Gathered Church

WORSHIPGOD 2017 Midwest
Human & Holy: Healthy Tensions of Gathered Worship

WORSHIPGOD 2017 Northeast
Human & Holy: Healthy Tensions of Gathered Worship

Main Sessions

Gospel/Word Driven: Worship Between Timelessness and Today | H.B. Charles, Jr. (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Edifying: Worship Between Excellence and Weakness | Jared Mellinger (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Spirit-Led: Worship Planning and Spontaneity | Bob Kauflin (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Mission: Worship between your church and the world | Brian Davis (AUDIO & VIDEO)


Main Sessions

Why the Trinity is Delightful (And Why It Matters) | Jeff Purswell (AUDIO & VIDEO)

The Triune God and the Cross (Why The Gospel Has to be Trinitarian) | Jared Mellinger (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Worshiping God the Father (Understanding the Miracle of Adoption) | C.J. Mahaney (AUDIO & VIDEO)

The Unique Role of the Holy Spirit (Getting to Know the Third Person of the Trinity) | Ray Ortlund, Jr. (AUDIO & VIDEO)

The Power of the Gospel in Multi-Ethnic Congregational Worship | H.B. Charles, Jr.  (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Singing and Praying to a Triune God (How to Celebrate Trinity Sunday Every Week) | Bob Kauflin (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Living before the Triune God As Elect Exiles | Rick Gamache (AUDIO & VIDEO)

Gathering Around the Gospel

Main Sessions

Gathering to Behold | Mike Reeves (AUDIO)

Gathering around God's Word | Kevin DeYoung (AUDIO)

Gathering to Rehearse the Gospel | Jeff Purswell (AUDIO)

Gathering to Sing | Bob Kauflin (AUDIO)

Gathering to Edify | Nathan Smith (AUDIO)

Gathering to Commission | Rick Gamache (AUDIO)


Called to be Faithful

Main Sessions

Faithful To Receive | Craig Cabaniss (AUDIO)

Faithful to Proclaim | Jeff Purswell (AUDIO)

Faithful to Engage | Bob Kauflin (AUDIO)

Faithful to Serve | Nathan Smith (AUDIO)

Faithful to Grow | Bob Kauflin (AUDIO)

Faithful to Prepare | Mike Reeves (AUDIO)

Called to be Faithful

Called to be Faithful

Main Sessions

Faithful To Receive | Craig Cabaniss (AUDIO)

Faithful To Proclaim | Kevin DeYoung (AUDIO)

Faithful To Serve | Jon Payne (AUDIO)

Faithful To Grow | Bob Kauflin (AUDIO)

Faithful To Prepare | Kevin DeYoung (AUDIO)

The Gathering

From Generation to Generation

Rediscovering the Psalms

The Glory of His Presence

Main Sessions

A People Of God's Presence | Jeff Purswell (AUDIO)

Christ, Our Access Into God's Presence | Mark Mullery (AUDIO)

Celebrating God's Presence | Craig Cabaniss (AUDIO)

Pursuing God's Presence | Bob Kauflin (AUDIO)

Worshiping God As The Source Of All Secondary Joys | Randy Alcorn (AUDIO)

A Passion for His Glory

Main Sessions

Beholding The Glory Of God's Supremacy | Bruce Ware (AUDIO)

Worshiping God As Creator | Craig Cabaniss (AUDIO)

Beholding The Glory Of God's Salvation | Bruce Ware (AUDIO)

The Holy Spirit And Worship | Jeff Purswell (AUDIO)

Worship In Light Of Heaven | Mark Altrogge (AUDIO)

Serving Future Generations | Bob Kauflin (AUDIO)

Seminars by Topic

Spiritual Life

Christ and the Enemies Within: Dealing with Pride, Discouragement, Depression, and Lust | Bob Kauflin (WG19)

Do You Thirst For God? | Donald Whitney (WG09)

Dying to Make God Famous | Jimmy Needham (WG18)

Eagerly Desiring Prophecy | Rick Gamache (WG15)

Encountering God's Presence: What Should We Expect? | Bob Kauflin (WGW14)

Getting a Grip on God's Glory | Bruce Ware (WG15)

Gospel-Centered Everything | Jeff Purswell (WG15)

How Long, O Lord? | Craig Cabaniss (WGE13)

Know and Worship | Matt Mason (WG11)

Living in the Good of Our Union with Christ | Mike Reeves (WG19)

Meeting God In The Psalms | John Loftness (WG06)

Meeting with Christ in Scripture | Mike Bullmore (WG19)

Overcoming The Fear Of Man | Craig Cabaniss (WG09)

Praying the Bible | Don Whitney (WG18)

Praying the Bible | Don Whitney (WG15)

Praying Through Scripture | Donald Whitney (WGW14)

Praying With The Psalmist | Donald Whitney (WG08)

Preparing Your Heart | Devon Kauflin (WG17MW)

Psalm 131: A Calm And Humble Heart | David Powilson (WG08)

Pursuing Spiritual Gifts to Exalt Christ | Rick Gamache (WG19)

Revival: When God Visits His People | Craig Cabaniss (WGW14)

Revisiting the Book of Revelation: How Knowing the Future Shapes Our Worship | Jim Hamilton (WG15)

Scripture Meditation: Getting More Out of Your Bible | Don Whitney (WG15)

Secure In Christ | Craig Cabaniss (WGW14)

Simplify Your Spiritual Life | Donald Whitney (WG11)

Speaking Grace: Cultivating The Gift Of Encouragement | Jon Payne (WGW13)

The Gospel for Real Life | Mike Bullmore (WG19)

The Great God And His Beloved Church | Matt Mason (WGE13)

The Trinity in History (How Not to be a Heretic) | Bruce Ware (WG15)

Theology, Doxology, and Sociology | Shai Linne (WG11)

To Sing Hymns or Not to Sing? | Dr. Michael Haykin (WG17MW)

Unity In Diversity | Shai Linne (WG17MW)

When Waiting is Trusting | Don Whitney (WG18)

Worship And God's Word | Craig Cabaniss (WG04)

Worship In The Valley | Matt Mason (WG09)

Worshiping God When Your World Is Shaking | Craig Cabaniss (WG11)

Worship Leader/Pastor