Pre-Conference Intensives (Wednesday, 1:00-5:30pm)

NOTE: All Pre-Conference Intensives need to be registered for separately and cost $40.

Vocal Master Class | Lacy Condy (Hudson)

In this master class, Lacy Hudson, a frequent contributor to Sovereign Grace Music albums, will be helping vocalists grow in their craft. Topics will include taking care of your voice, vocal technique, vocal warm-ups, harmonization, expressiveness, and cultivating a Christ-honoring heart.

Guitars: Tuning, Textures, Tones, and Taste | Josh Scott

When it comes to serving your church, a guitarist needs to think not only about what to play, but how, why, and how much. In this breakout Josh Scott, creator/owner of JHS pedals, will draw from years of experience to help you become a more effective guitarist in your congregation.

The What, Why, and How of Audio: Making the Most of Your Sound System | Rick Mead

In this extended interactive seminar, Rick Mead (Technical Director of Highview Baptist Church) will help you better understand your present sound system as he helps you map out next steps for future maintenance and growth. Worship leaders, mixers, tech personnel, technical directors, and anyone wanting to better understand the world of sound will benefit from Rick’s experience, knowledge, and heart to serve.

Piano Master Class | Bob Kauflin

Whether you’re a solo keyboardist or part of a band, whether you play by ear or only read notes, this class will help you serve your church more effectively as a piano player. The class will be interactive, and much of the material will be taken from Bob’s book, Worship Piano. Registration is limited to 25.

Bass and Drum Master Class | Ryan Foglesong and David Zimmer

David and Ryan have played on multiple albums together, including many of the Sovereign Grace albums from the past ten years. In this intensive, you’ll learn how to apply practical tools for each instrument and explore how they can serve the song by filling in spaces and working with the rest of the band. We will also look at how the drum and bass can build momentum, create drama, and provide space in a song from beginning to end. Selected songs from the conference and past Sovereign Grace albums will be referenced and arranged.

Cultivating Affection for the Unchanging God in Your Devotions | Mike Bullmore

True theology always leads to doxology. In other words, as we grow in our knowledge of God, we should also be growing in our love for him. But too often, our Bible reading seems dry and we’re distracted by a thousand things. Over time we begin to put on an external show of devotion to God, while internally we drift to the things of the world. How do we maintain an increasing passion for the One we sing to and about each week? In this extended seminar, Mike Bullmore will offer encouragement and practical steps towards deepening your love for the Savior through prayer and his Word.

Seminar #1 (Thursday, 11am-12:15pm)

Marriage and Ministry: What Really Matters | Bob & Julie Kauflin

How do you sustain a vibrant, Christ-honoring relationship with your spouse through all the challenges, commitments, disappointments, and sacrifices of ministry? Whether you’re newlyweds or have been married for decades, this transparent conversation between a couple married and in ministry for 45 years will help you focus on the things that matter most. As Bob and Julie share biblical truths they’ve learned through their own experiences and failures, it will inspire hope and deepen your love both for your spouse and the Savior.

Against the Flow: Nurturing the Inner Life in a Fast Paced World | Mike Bullmore

God has made His Word available to us, but we’re responsible to create opportunities to benefit from its nourishing effect. This goes against the grain of our culture, which is constantly bombarding us with distractions, urgent notifications, and busy-ness. How do we learn to unplug and enjoy extended time with the Lord? In this breakout, Mike Bullmore will give you practical ways to make the most of your times in God’s Word and prayer.

Technology and your Sunday Gathering | Devon Kauflin

From the printing press to the iPhone, from organs to IMAG, churches in every generation have had to wisely assess what role the latest technology might play in serving their congregations. How do we avoid the two extremes of “anything goes” and “the old is good enough?” What questions should guide us in determining what uses of technology are helpful and in line with God’s purposes for our gatherings? This breakout will seek to address these questions and more.

Writing Songs for Congregations | Ben Shive

Drawing upon decades of experience in Christian music and his involvement with his local church, songwriter and producer Ben Shive will help you see more clearly what elements go in to writing songs that truly serve the church and bring glory to Christ.

The Role of the Vocalist | Lacy Condy (Hudson) & McKenzie Fuller

In what ways can you as a vocalist best contribute to your congregation on Sunday mornings? How should we think about monitors, rehearsals, harmonies, and serving those around us? Lacy Condy & McKenzie Fuller will address these topics and more in a breakout designed to make you a more effective and joyful vocalist.

Guitars and Gear | Josh Scott

In this breakout Josh Scott, creator/owner of JHS pedals, will discuss the many ways pedals can serve you. He’ll also look at the advantages of different amps and how to make wise decisions in the use of your gear.

Seminar #2 (Thursday, 1:15-2:30pm)

Three Marks of a Spirit-Empowered People | Jared Mellinger

In Philippians 3:3, the apostle Paul says that we are those who “worship by the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh.” In this brekaout, Jared Mellinger will discuss how to pray for and expect God’s Spirit to be actively working in our gatherings, without becoming dominated by subjectivism or emotionalism.

Knowing Sin: Why Facing What We Want to Avoid Brings Hope | Mark Jones

No one enjoys talking about their sinful motivations, words, or actions. But our silence and secrecy often only intensify our struggles. In this illuminating breakout, Mark Jones, author of Knowing Sin, will help you realize that the first step towards overcoming sin is knowing what we’re up against, and that Jesus stands ready to deliver all those who put their hope in him and his finished work.

Minding the Gaps: Making the Most of Transitions | Bob Kauflin

Too often our Sunday gatherings feel like a playlist on shuffle. Elements are unconnected, changes are abrupt, and people are left confused. To address the situation, we often resort to a “musical glue” that makes things feel more connected but does little to help people understand any kind of progression. In this practical breakout, Bob will suggest questions to consider when thinking about transitions and help you serve your congregation with greater clarity and purpose, for the glory of Christ and the good of his people.

Arranging to Serve a Congregation | Ben Shive

In this breakout, songwriter and producer Ben Shive will draw from decades of experience in recording and the church to talk about what should matter most to instrumentalists that are seeking to serve their congregations well.

Women in Music Ministry | Lisa Clow, McKenzie Fuller, Lacy Condy (Hudson), Julie Kauflin, Melissa Parris

In this breakout, you’ll hear a number of women who have served on and around Sovereign Grace music teams talk about ways God has helped them serve with faithfulness, joy, creativity, and zeal through seasons of singleness, marriage, motherhood, and grandparenthood.

Guitar Q&A | Josh Scott

Come with all your questions on guitars, gear, amps, pedals, and playing. Josh Scott, creator/owner of JHS pedals be on there to answer them!

Seminar #3 (Friday, 1:15-2:30pm)

Reading the Psalms through a Christ-Centered Lens | Josh Blount

It can be tempting to think of the Psalms merely as a place to go for words of comfort in a trying season, words of praise in a fruitful season, or words of lament in a time of grief. But the psalms point in diverse ways to the divine and human King who would pray them in ways we never could. Come and have your eyes opened to the glories of Christ awaiting you in the Psalms.

Enduring Faith for the Long Haul | Jared Mellinger

Faithfulness, conviction, and resolve aren’t exactly popular words today. How do we stand strong against the growing chorus of voices urging us to give up on God’s Word and live however we please? The original recipients of the book of Hebrews needed that question answered, and in this breakout, you’ll hear Jared Mellinger explain how because of Jesus, we can find enduring faith, even in the worst of times.

20 Ways to Improve Your Congregational Singing | Matt Merker

Matt Merker’s passion for churches singing with faith and understanding led him to write the excellent book, Corporate Worship: How the Church Gathers as God’s People. In this breakout, he’ll share twenty ways to strengthen the singing of your church, including some you probably haven’t thought of!

Songwriting Panel | Jon Althoff, Lacy Condy (Hudson), Jordan Kauflin, Johnny Robinson, Scott Lavender, Nate Stiff, Adam Wright

In this seminar, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to a panel of seasoned songwriters from Sovereign Grace Music, CityAlight, and Corner Room Music talk about the challenges and joys of writing songs for the church. There will be time for Q&A at the end.

Playing Big Songs with a Small Band | Ryan Foglesong, Bob Kauflin, Devon Kauflin, David Zimmer

How often have you set out to teach a song to your church, only to realize that the recording used a full band and you only have a guitar or a piano? In this practical breakout, you’ll learn principles for making the most of your instrumentation and how to adapt any song for your musicians.

A Conversation About Tech Gear | Rick Mead

Have questions about your sound system, media, or gear? Want to know what’s available to serve your church better? This is the breakout for you. Rick Mead, technical Director for Highview Baptist Church, will be answering your questions about all things technical.