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Pre-Conference Intensives (Wed. 1:00-5:30pm)

The Gospel Choir | Joe Pace ($20)

Ever want to be part of a gospel choir, led by a seasoned veteran? This is your opportunity! Joe Pace has been involved in gospel music for over two decades and now serves as one of the campus pastors for Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. In this pre-conference session, you'll rehearse for leading the songs in the Friday morning main session of WorshipGod, and also learn principles of directing a choir that will serve you in any choir leading context. NOTE: Being part of the choir also requires you participating in the 11AM breakout on Thursday morning.


Melodies, Message, and Makeovers, Oh My! | Steve & Vikki Cook ($40)

Want to take the next step to grow as a songwriter? Come learn from seasoned veteran songwriters, Steve & Vikki Cook, authors of Before the Throne of God Above, I Will Glory in My Redeemer, The Glories of Calvary, and many more congregational songs. This songwriting intensive will give you tools professionals use to makeover and refine their own songs. Each participant will receive a personalized review of one of their songs in class.

Seminar Block 1 (Thurs. 11am-12:15pm)

Christ and the Enemies Within: Dealing with Pride, Discouragement, Depression, and Lust | Bob Kauflin

Leaders and musicians can struggle with a disconnect between the content of the songs they sing and the inward battles they fight, and often lose, every day. In this transparent and hope-filled seminar, you'll be helped to see how Jesus really is the Savior he promised he would be.


Choir Rehearsal | Joe Pace

This seminar is REQUIRED for and RESTRICTED to those who signed up for the Pre-Conference, The Gospel Choir.


Electric Bass: Respond & Enhance | Ryan Foglesong

In this seminar, Ryan will demonstrate the capability of the bass including melodic fills, chords, and various articulations. You’ll learn how to listen and respond to other instruments  and enhance the tone and message of the song. This breakout will serve both novice and advanced players alike as Ryan teaches how to lock in with the drummer, how to maintain a consistent groove, and how to improvise successfully.


Gathering Together in Christ | Devon Kauflin

The reality of our union with Christ is one of the most precious truths in the Bible. Because we are “in Christ,” we are forgiven of our sin, adopted as God's children, seen as righteous before God, dead to sin's power in our lives, and recipients of an everlasting inheritance. But how much should our union with Christ influence our gathering with the local church? A lot more than you might think. In this seminar, you’ll see how understanding our union with Christ makes a significant difference in our singing, preaching, fellowship, prayers, and more.


Acoustic Guitar 1: Essentials | Patrick Anderson

In this seminar, we’ll look at your role as an acoustic player serving the church, and offer strategies and tools for how to develop your playing in that context, i.e. thinking in parts, developing strumming, fingerpicking and capo tricks.


The Ultimate Vocalist | Sheri Gould

Some people are naturally gifted as a vocalist, but don't operate to their full potential. Everyone can be a better singer than they already are. How can you be sure you're getting the most out of the vocal gifts God has given you? These five simple yet effective tools will get you going in the right direction.


Writing Melodies That Speak | Steve & Vikki Cook

Great melodies communicate emotion all by themselves. So much of melody writing is intuitive, but when the inspiration has dried up, how do you create a melody that moves people? In this seminar, you'll learn the craft of melody writing, using exercises that will give your melodies new life.


Microphone Applications | Doug Gould

This is where it all begins in live sound reinforcement. Limit your potential problems and maximize better audio for your church by gaining valuable insight into how to choose the right mic and put it in the right place. Topics will include increasing the level of desired sound and reducing the effects of undesired sounds, reducing feedback, why less is more, tips and techniques for vocalists, drums, guitar cabinets, choirs and acoustic instruments, and more. Also included at no additional charge is "Ten Things You Need to Know about Wireless." No need to bring your slide rules or calculators. Doug is math-challenged.

Seminar Block 2 (Thurs. 3:00pm-4:15pm)

A Cross and Cultural Conversation | Joe Pace, Bob Kauflin, Devon Kauflin, H.B. Charles, Jr.

What happens when two very different musical cultures (white and African-American) gather around the gospel? How do we learn from and serve one another? What are the potential pitfalls and opportunities? Listen in on this conversation between four friends who are learning the answers to those questions while recording an album together.


Pursuing Spiritual Gifts to Exalt Christ | Rick Gamache

It's clear from Paul's letter to the Corinthian church that exercising gifts of the Spirit can lead to self-promotion, division, and disorder. In this faith-building seminar, you'll be equipped to pursue and use spiritual gifts in a way that not only builds up those around you, but points people to the glory of Christ.


The Undistracted Drummer | David Zimmer

In this seminar, you will learn technique and proficiency on the drum kit and auxiliary percussion to serve your local context more effectively. Through the study of rudiments, independent exercises, and reading/writing music, you'll learn how to lead a band, use dynamics, and build habits to strengthen your talents and team.


Meeting with Christ in Scripture | Mike Bullmore

One reason God gave us the Bible is so that we might know him better. That’s why it’s a tragedy when Christians read, study, and memorize their Bibles but don’t grow in their relationship with and love for Christ. In this seminar, you’ll gain motivation, perspectives, and tools that will help you encounter the Savior through the pages of God’s written Word.


Electric Guitar 1: Gear, Sounds, and Conquering a Fear of Heights | Patrick Anderson

Be a part of a discussion digging into the gear and sounds used for serving the church in congregational worship. Pick up some practical tools for doing so, and learn how to move around the neck of the guitar more confidently.


10 Best Exercises for Singers | Sheri Gould

Wondering how to keep your voice in shape in the midst of a busy life? These ten exercises will get you to your best voice every day!


Songwriting Panel | Steve & Vikki Cook, Adam Wright, Matt Boswell, Jordan Kauflin, Daniel Renstrom

In this seminar, you'll have the opportunity to listen to a panel of seasoned songwriters talk about the challenges and joys of writing songs for the church. There will be time for Q&A at the end.


Understanding Plug-Ins | Rick Mead

Digital soundboards come in many different shapes and sizes but nearly everyone has a selection of plugins designed to enhance and manipulate the audio passing through your soundboard. Never before have churches had this kind of access to processing because it previously required a lot of expensive outboard equipment. Did your electric guitarist forget his amp? Want more punch out of your drums or bass? Do you want more consistent presence out of your vocals? Leveraging plugins can help solve all of this and more.

Seminar Block 3 (Fri. 11am-12:15pm)

Passing the Baton: Cultivating a Passion for Christ in the Next Generation | Bob Kauflin, Devon Kauflin, Matt Boswell, Matt Mason

Listen in as four leaders in three seasons of parenting discuss what they've learned about instilling a passion for Christ in their children, both in the church and at home. There will be time for Q&A at the end.


The Gospel for Real Life | Mike Bullmore

Too often Christians mistakenly think that once we have believed the gospel, we can put the gospel on the shelf and move on to other things. Nothing could be further from the truth. But even for those who want to live “gospel-centered” lives, there is often a disconnect between the good news they sing about and communicate to others, and the way that good news influences everything they do. This seminar will help you see how Jesus coming to save us is a precious reality God wants us to live in the good of every day.


Beyond Preaching: Embracing your Responsibility for the WHOLE Meeting | Jared Mellinger

Faithful preaching pastors rightly give significant time and attention to their sermon preparation. But too often, they minimize what happens in the rest of the meeting, forgetting that every part of our services is an opportunity to shepherd God's people through Scripture and the gospel. In this seminar, you'll hear from a pastor who is learning to embrace his responsibility for the entire Sunday gathering and is benefiting as a result.


Arranging Songs for Bass & Drums (Part 1 of 2) | Ryan Foglesong & David Zimmer

The foundation of your band is the rhythm section, composed of the drummer and bassist. Musical chemistry between these members is worth attention and development. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to apply practical tools for each instrument and explore how they can serve the song by filling in spaces and working with the rest of the band. We will also look at how the drum and bass can build momentum, create drama, and provide space in a song from beginning to end. Selected songs from the conference and past Sovereign Grace albums will be referenced and arranged.


Acoustic Guitar 2: Going Deeper | Patrick Anderson

If you find yourself frustrated as an acoustic guitarist, come for a discussion around how get some serious tools for creativity. Learn the CAGED system and how to apply that to using a capo without shame. Come away with a refreshing approach to chords and practicing, and gain a new set of tools to use as you serve.


5 Steps to Tighter Vocals | Sheri Gould

In this seminar, you'll learn five tips designed to help your team get a tighter sound. You'll also learn ideas for vocal arranging. These tips are simple and so easy to use that you can start using some of them today!


Keyboard Technique in a Band Setting | Bryan Deitrich

Keyboardists often transition into a contemporary band without understanding how the style is different from what they’ve been doing. In this seminar, you’ll hear about playing fills, using dynamics, selecting the right range, using rhythmic patterns, and more. The focus will be on core classic keyboard sounds (piano, electric piano, organ, strings, and pads).


Growing as a Mixer | Doug Gould

Whether you are a volunteer or a seasoned audio expert, your goal should always be to improve your skills with the tools you use and the people you work with. In this seminar, you’ll gain a plethora of resources to help you grow as a church sound operator so that you not only become a better audio operator, but one with a pastor's heart. There will most likely be a time of Q&A as well.

Seminar Block 4 (Sat. 9:00-10:15am)

Living in the Good of Our Union with Christ | Mike Reeves

Do you ever struggle with assurance of your salvation? Are you ever tempted to define yourself by what you do or what people think of you? This seminar will be a chance to take a deep dive into what it means to be united to Christ, and to experience the joy and confidence that flow from being secure in him.


What Really Matters in Our Gatherings | Bob Kauflin

Leaders make many decisions as they plan and prepare for congregational worship each week. What should we focus on? Is there a "right" liturgy? How do we make sure we're sounding the right notes–theologically and practically? In this seminar, we’ll consider four primary values that should inform and direct our choices, decisions, and practices.


Arranging Songs for Bass & Drums (Part 2 of 2) | Ryan Foglesong & David Zimmer

The foundation of your band is the rhythm section, composed of the drummer and bassist. Musical chemistry between these members is worth attention and development. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to apply practical tools for each instrument and explore how they can serve the song by filling in spaces and working with the rest of the band. We will also look at how the drum and bass can build momentum, create drama, and provide space in a song from beginning to end. Selected songs from the conference and past Sovereign Grace albums will be referenced and arranged.


Worshiping a Big God in a Small Church | Devon Kauflin

It can be discouraging to come to a conference where everyone seems to assume your church has a large staff, several music teams, and an unlimited budget. For most of us, that situation is far from reality. In this seminar, you'll learn how to make the most of limited resources, how to maintain a strong faith in God’s plan, and how to serve with joy.


Electric Guitar 2: Woodshedding and Creating | Patrick Anderson

Building on the first session, we’ll talk about how to develop your skills as a guitarist. Learn tools for really understanding the guitar neck, how to practice effectively and deeply, and how to apply it all to thinking about and creating parts.


Loops, Clicks, Keys, and Tricks | Bryan Deitrich

When is a piano more than a piano? When it’s powered by a laptop. More than ever, keyboardists are using sounds generated by software programs. What are the benefits and drawbacks? What programs are available and what do they do? What do I need to consider before adding a computer to my setup? These questions and more will be addressed in this breakout designed for keyboardists thinking about making the switch or already using software sounds.


Writing Lyrics that Sing | Steve & Vikki Cook

A great lyric is one that not just states the subject matter clearly, but moves the listener/singer in the depths of their souls. This class will not only study some commonly recognized great lyrics, but will also equip you with the tools used by professionals to make your lyrics clearer in purpose, and come alive with passion.


Personal Mixing | Rick Mead

If you’ve served on a worship team for any amount of time, you have heard the words, “Can you turn me up? I can’t hear!” Fighting stage volume and sharing monitor mixes with other musicians can be seriously frustrating. Modern soundboards afford unparalleled flexibility by allowing for the use of personal mixing devices, giving band members the ability to tailor their mix. In most cases all you need to get started is a smartphone or tablet. We will cover how to choose the right personal mixing system for your church, how to achieve the right mix for your team, and how to find in-ear monitors that will serve your team without breaking the bank.