WG24 Schedule

Wednesday, July 24

7-9pm • MAIN SESSION 1

Thursday, July 25

9:30am-12pm • MAIN SESSION 2

12-1pm • Free On-Site Lunch
1:15-2:45pm • Breakout #1

Leaders – Cultivating a Shepherd’s Heart for Your Church – Jared Mellinger

Leaders glorify God when they see their own responsibilities as a means of actively caring for, serving, and building up others. This session will give you theological foundations and practical applications for becoming that kind of leader. 

Musicians – The Ideal Team Member – Bob Kauflin

Participating on the music, tech, projection, video, or planning team is more than an opportunity to showcase our gifts. It’s an opportunity to join others in serving those for whom Christ came to redeem. This breakout will equip you to do that in a way that contributes to a Christ-exalting culture and God-glorifying gatherings.  

General – Keeping Sane in an Insane World – Josh Blount

What can we as Christians do to shine a light into a dark world in a way that is courageous, compassionate, and above all, Christ-exalting? This seminar will equip you theologically and practically to spread the fragrance of Christ to your friends, family, and neighbors. 

Songwriters (limited space) – How We Write Sovereign Grace Songs – Jon Althoff, Lacy Condy, Nate Stiff, Marc Willerton, and David Zimmer

In this breakout, you’ll hear from a number of the songwriters who contribute to Sovereign Grace Music as they talk about the philosophy and process behind what we do. They’ll cover topics that include rooting your lyrics in Scripture, the benefits and limits of creativity, co-writing, watching your heart, and more. 

2:45-3:30pm • Coffee Break

3:30-6pm • MAIN SESSION 3

6-8:00pm • Dinner Break
8:00-9:30pm • Knowing God Album – Live

Friday, July 26

9:30am-12pm • MAIN SESSION 4

12-1pm • Free On-Site Lunch 
1:15-2:45pm • Breakout #2

Leaders – Common Blindspots: What Am I Not Seeing? – Bob Kauflin

Most leaders know what’s expected of them and what makes for a good leader. But often a serious distance exists between what we know and what we’re actually doing. That disconnect can lead to significant problems not only for the leader but others. In this breakout, Bob Kauflin, speaking from 40 years of experience as a leader, will address  some of our most common blindspots and what to do about them. 

Musicians – Arranging for Your Church – Ben Shive, David Zimmer, Devon Kauflin

How do we think about what and how we play in congregational worship? What are the benefits and drawbacks to simply playing what’s on the recording? How creative should we be? In whatever role you serve musically in your church, this interactive breakout will help you take the next steps in serving your church more intentionally.

General – The Functional Centrality of the Gospel – Mike Bullmore

What is the greatest, most trying need of the church today? A functioning biblical theological application of the Bible, especially the Gospel. In this breakout, you’ll learn how Jesus living, dying, and rising from the dead for our salvation is meant to affect every area of our lives. 

Focused (limited space) – Congregational Worship in a Multilingual World – Jonathan & Sarah Jerez, Fabrizio Rodulfo

Many churches today are having to confront the challenge of multilingual congregations and communities. What steps can we take to minimize the gaps we experience and reflect the unity we now have in Christ? In this breakout, Sovereign Grace Music and Jonathan and Sarah Jerez will share how they have worked in their own contexts and together to maximize the opportunities our diverse world provides for strengthening the church.

2:45-3:30pm • Coffee Break

3:30-6pm • MAIN SESSION 5

Free Evening

Saturday, July 27

9-11:30am • MAIN SESSION 6